Mineral resources

ATSE’s Mineral Resources Forum brings together eminent experts to provide evidence-based advice on Australia’s mineral and mining sector.

The global energy transition will result in a transformation of the mining sector in Australia.

Even as global trends evolve, mining and minerals will remain a crucial aspect of the global economy.

ATSE’s Mineral Resources Forum advocated for the adoption of new more efficient technology and processes, which will ensure substantial capital, labour, resource, and operational productivity improvements. The Forum is exploring how Australia can guarantee a sustainable and internationally competitive future for the Australian mining sector.  


Mining and mineral resources Position Statement

As Australia seeks to meet its international commitments to sustainability, demand for mineral and metal products will continue to grow.

Mineral resources


Forum leadership

Chair: Ian Tyler FTSE
Appointed Member: Rod Hill FTSE
Appointed Member: Ranjith Pathegama Gamage FTSE


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Aug 2023
Submission to Updating Australia’s Critical Minerals List

The 2023 update to the Critical Minerals List provides an opportunity to recognise elements of increasing importance for decarbonising the economy, and to align with global as well as domestic aspirations.

Mineral resources
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Nov 2023
Submission to the consultation on NSW's Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy

The submission urged the Australian Government to develop the infrastructure and skilled workforce required by the industry, embed a circular economy approach, and support operations owned by Traditional Owners.

Mineral resources
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Dec 2022
ATSE Submission on the Australian Critical Minerals Strategy

The Australian Government is attempting to develop a new critical minerals strategy that outlines the national priorities for developing the critical minerals sector.

Mineral resources


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