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ATSE fosters vital global connections in technological sciences and engineering, bolstering Australian and global interests through impactful collaborations.

International collaboration is essential to the advancement of technological sciences and engineering, and to the advancement of Australian and global interests.

Collaboration is central to the development of technological sciences and engineering, and by extension, the advancement of Australian, and global interest.

ATSE’s international activities connect Australia’s leading experts and emerging research leaders with overseas counterparts. In doing so, the Academy develops Australia’s international linkages in science and technology, and more broadly contributes to bilateral relations.

ATSE’s activities cover a broad range of prospective engagement types, including research workshops, bilateral research grant funding, exchange projects and webinars.

How ATSE connects globally


ATSE is a founding member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) network and possesses deep ties to numerous other member Academies. This network is a significant mechanism through which ATSE can communicate Australia’s national interests to similar organisations situated in other countries, in conjunction to liaising with other academies to determine issues and stances of mutual importance. Such opportunities can be realised through the recurring CAETS committee meetings ATSE is involved with, or the annual CAETS conference all Academies attend.



The Academy is due to host the other thirty-one members of the CAETS network for the 2025 CAETS annual conference. In this time, ATSE will have the privilege of serving on the board of CAETS in 2024, before holding the presidency in 2025. This provides a significant opportunity for the Academy to showcase Australia’s science and technology capabilities to a slew of international partners, in conjunction to communicating issues of national priority.

Bilateral partnerships

Bilateral relationships with like-minded organisations constitute the foundation of ATSE’s international engagement. Having yielded such connections since being founded, ATSE possesses several long running partnerships which can be mobilised to secure outcomes for Australia’s science diplomacy interests.

The Academy has relationships with a range of Academies and other organisations operating around the world. This expansive network allows ATSE to represent Australia’s global STEM interests and connect our experts with overseas counterparts and projects.

Engineering education

The Academy promotes engineering education and pathways across the world with a variety of partners. An emphasis on early, mid-career researchers provides the potential for long term linkages between researchers in Australia and overseas partners. Through exchanges and workshops, ATSE helps to facilitate personal linkages which underpin strong international relationships.

ATSE has helped support young Australian researchers travel to China and Japan on exchange, with participants gaining connections that have spanned their careers. 

Overseas Fellowship

As a fellowship organisation, ATSE prioritises the personal and professional engagement of our 900 Fellows, including those who are currently based overseas. The Academy recognises one Foreign Fellow per year, electing them to the Fellowship for their contributions to technological sciences and engineering.

Our overseas contingent, both foreign Fellows and those who have relocated, provide a unique perspective to Australia and the world’s STEM challenges. ATSE seeks to maintain their active engagement and contribution in the Academy’s work.

Sustainable Development Goals Framework

ATSE incorporates the use of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Framework across numerous projects and is committed to achieving these objectives globally. Technological sciences and engineering have an innate relationship with the framework, by the very nature of such fields which seek to resolve the greatest issues faced by humanity. By calling on this framework, ATSE leans on universal fields of priority and common interest to guide cooperation with peer organisations. Through consistent use of these goals, ATSE ensures collaboration not only benefits immediate collaborators, but the broader international community.

Collaborative workshops and forums

A significant component of ATSE’s work is connecting Australia’s experts to their overseas counterparts, to foster linkages and increase the opportunities for collaboration. ATSE does this through organising workshops and forums for researchers to connect, share their ideas and more broadly discuss ways to mobilise bilateral research ties for Australia’s STEM benefit.

ATSE has engaged in delivering such projects with partners such as Japan, Republic of Korea, and China. 

Grant funds

ATSE has been the selected delivery partner for Government grant funding programs. In collaboration with the Australian Academy of Science, ATSE is delivering the Australian Government’s Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund (GSTDF) Strategic Element, to open up a world of science and technology enterprise for Australian researchers and innovators. 

Grants from AUD $100,000 to $1,000,000 are available for eligible Australian organisations collaborating on key areas of science and technology with priority partner countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Engagement in our region

The Academy has been working to emphasise engagement with Australia’s most immediate surroundings on issues of regional importance. ATSE has a significant opportunity in contributing solutions to complex challenges in our region. Regional engagement allows ATSE to deepen connections with Australia’s immediate surroundings and expand upon its relationships with national neighbours.


Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund — Strategic Element

Established to grow international collaboration, enhance Australia’s standing as a science and technology leader, and drive innovation and commercialisation in priority areas.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

ATSE has strong alignment with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences

ATSE is an active, founding member of CAETS.


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