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The Agriculture and Food Forum brings together experts to provide agricultural solutions to major global issues.

The world is facing pressures which will increasingly threaten global food security and agricultural production – population growth, changing dietary preferences, climate change and increasing competition for natural resources.

We need concerted action by industry and governments across agricultural and food value chains to increase the use of technology, engineering and science in offsetting and reducing these pressures. 

ATSE’s Agriculture & Food Forum brings together Australia’s leading experts in agriculture to provide advice on how to tackle these problems. The Forum is currently undertaking projects related to Australia’s water supply resilience, supporting research translation and antimicrobial resistance prevention.


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Australia's soil carbon opportunities and risks

More carbon is stored in soil than in the atmosphere and all plant life combined. Sequestering carbon in soils not only removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but can also improve soil health, potentially increasing agricultural yields and delivering ecosystem benefits — but what are the barriers to this technology becoming a widespread emissions reduction strategy?

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Feb 2023
Curbing antimicrobial resistance

Through research and consultation with multi-disciplinary experts, this report has identified the key challenges and opportunities for Australia to improve prevention, detection, diagnosis, and response to drug-resistant infections and reduce the impacts of antimicrobial resistance.

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Drone Over Flower Crop
Dec 2023
Submission to the Agriculture and Land Sectoral Plan

As Australia moves towards a net zero economy, the agriculture and land use sector has an opportunity to lead the charge – both nationally and internationally – to ensure a sustainable future.

Agriculture & Food
Murray-Darling river landscape
Apr 2024
A thriving Murray-Darling Basin in 50 years: Actions in the face of climate change

ATSE has urged a suite of actions and investments to protect the future of the Murray-Darling Basin in the face of climate change, which is threatening the river’s health and sustainability.

ICM Agrifood Award for Excellence in Agrifood

The ICM Agrifood Award recognises and acknowledge the outstanding work of two early career scientists or technologists.

ICM Agrifood Award
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Port Lincoln
Nov 2023
Australia’s future as an international agriculture exporter

Australia is a major agricultural exporting nation, consistently ranking in the top ten nations for net agricultural exports. However, a significant proportion of Australia’s agricultural exports comprises non-food items, including wool, cotton, hides and skins, and animal feeds.

Agriculture & Food
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May 2024
Submission to the Inquiry into Food and Beverage Manufacturing in Australia

The food and beverage industry is on the brink of transformation with technologies like AI and automation offering opportunities to drive innovation, enhance productivity, and promote sustainability.

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