Strategic plan

The Academy’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025 identifies the strategic goals for ATSE to deliver its mission over the next four years.

The Academy’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025 identifies the strategic goals for ATSE to deliver its mission over the next four years.


We are a Learned Academy of independent experts helping Australians understand and use technology to solve complex problems.


  1. Trusted source of evidence-based advice
    – Go-to adviser for industry, government and education
    – Delivering positive influence on key issues for society
  2. Recognised for excellence
    – Attractor of diverse and outstanding expertise
    – Highly engaged and mobilised Fellows
  3. Fostering diversity and excellence in the next generation
  4. Organisational excellence


Trusted source of evidence-based advice

Drawing on our expert network of Fellows, the Academy is a trusted adviser to industry, government, education, and society. We provide timely, proactive and solutions-focused evidence-based advice on current and future key issues for society in which technology, engineering and applied science have a role to play.

ACTIVITIES —— Focused, relevant, timely and effective policy statements and submissions; major proactive foresighting projects to create pathways to technology-led growth and sustainability; strong advocacy program to support evidence-based decision making; proactive and strategic approach to international collaborators; events for the public and decision-makers to educate and inform regarding priority policy areas; impactful public communication of positions and recommendations.

INVESTMENT —— Identify and annually review key priority issues; establish system to assess policy and advocacy against strategy and key issues; resource and connect communication and advocacy strategies; target networking strategy with key decision-makers; coordinate national approach to topical events; establish issues-


Recognised for excellence

With excellence in applied science, engineering and technology at our core, the Academy attracts and celebrates diverse and outstanding expertise to its Fellowship and programs. Our Fellows are highly engaged, mobilised and professionally supported to proactively and positively contribute to achieving ATSE’s mission.

ACTIVITIES —— Rigorous elections to Fellowship attracting an outstanding diversity of talent; proactive engagement of Fellows through Divisions, Forums, programs, activities and events; strongly contested and high-profile national Awards; outstanding intra-ATSE communication culture.

INVESTMENT —— Coordinated national approach to Fellowship nominations; proactive outreach to Fellows based on expertise and interest; best practice and up-todate database; technology to support intra-Fellowship communication; strategic approach to composition and promotion of Awards; best-practice governance at all levels; strong and strategic Secretariat support for division and forum work.


Fostering diversity and excellence in the next generation

To ensure Australia’s future capacity to innovate and use technology, the Academy is committed to inspiring and fostering a diversity of young people to strive for excellence and pursue study and careers in engineering, applied science, and technology.

ACTIVITIES —— Mentoring program to connect graduates with industry; school education program to inspire and educate with future-relevant STEM skills; internship program to create pathways to industry STEM careers; youth network to connect and collaborate with a diversity of STEM professionals under 30; reconciliation action plan to support and celebrate Indigenous Australians in STEM; toolkits and frameworks to grow gender equity in STEM.

INVESTMENT —— Expand mentoring program; develop coding education stream; recruit professional diversity and inclusion expertise; develop industry internship program; scope,


Organisational excellence

Our Fellows work hand-in-hand with our Secretariat to achieve our Mission: we strive to be an employer of choice and an attractor of outstanding capability, and to operate with integrity, accountability, transparency, respect, and independence.

ACTIVITIES —— Recruitment and organisational structure aligned with strategic goals; operational plan and budget aligned with strategic goals; revenue diversified and grown to strengthen independence; technological best practice.

INVESTMENT —— Build transparent and accountable systems, processes and reporting; acquire strategic partnerships across programs and activities; establish modern and coherent digital presence with fit-for-purpose digital assets; establish fundraising strategy; create Secretariat wellbeing program.

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